Friday 27 January 2012

Our wedding guest book

The book below was used by Olly and I as a guest book at our wedding, but if you love scrap-booking you can use it for pretty much anything you wish to...

Wedding guest book
Photo by Zaira Brilhante
After not finding any scrapbook with a cover we liked, I decided to decorate one myself. I bought a plain black scrapbook from Paperchase (mainly because it was the nearest shop to my old house) and a used lots of different ribbons, strings, twine that I happen to have as I had to stock up on this kind of things before the wedding.

The trick to achieve this look is to use ribbons with different thickness and texture but to stick to a colour theme. 

- Plain scrapbook
- Different selection of ribbons, strings and twine
- Something to stick them to the book: you can choose from glue, Mod Podge (my best friend!) and double sided sticky tape (it does the job as well)

How to:
Making it is pretty straight forward. The only tips are:
1.  Make sure you cut your ribbons and twine at least 4cm taller than the height of your book, so that you can fold and glue them to the back of your cover both on the top and bottom.
2. Use the glue or the Mod Podge to stick the ribbons on your cover, but don't apply it to twine or string, unless it is on the tips, on the back of the cover. Note that on the back you can also use double sided sticky tape, it works really well.
3. Leave some space (from 1/4cm to 1/2cm) between each ribbon, it makes it look more natural.
4. To finish off, use the first page of your book and stick it to the back of the cover, this way hiding the tips that you glued to it.

Wedding guest book
Once you glue the first page to the back of your cover, you have a perfect finish!
Wedding guest book
Both photos by Zaira Brilhante

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  1. A self-made wedding is amazing! It's definitely even more special then.