Saturday, 15 September 2012

Late summer tip: Crochet beach bag

I am getting more and more into crochet. So it was amazing to find Crochet in Color, with a bunch of cute free patterns, including the one for this super cool bag. Great to take to the beach.

Late summer tip: Crochet beach bag
Photo Credit: Crochet in Color

Follow this link for the pattern for this 9.5 inches in height 12 inches in diameter ombre basket. Liz uses 9 different colours of worsted weight yarn, size L hook  (8mm in the UK). You will also need a tapestry needle. 

This seems pretty straight forward to make. I haven't tried it myself, but would encourage even beginners to give it a go, the tutorial is very visual. A note to UK readers is to bare in mind the instructions are in US terms. 


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