Thursday 15 November 2012

Beautiful button bracelet

Buttons, buttons & more buttons! Who doesn't love buttons?! We can make bookmarks with them [Buttons + Paperclips = Bookmarks!], we can decorate a canvas [Art with buttons!] and most recently we went through a tutorial that shows how easy it is to [Make your own buttons].

But of all these tips, none seems as simple than this one to me! Wanna a new accessory to go out on the weekend? Want to add a vintage look to your outfit? Don't want to spend a penny? Go through your jar of buttons, grab some twine and 5 minutes later...

Beautiful button bracelet * now say it fast! *
Try to say this post title over and over, each time faster!

This has to be one of the best ideas I've ever seen on Pinterest (another without a url), mainly because of its simplicity. If you want to use something else other than twine, why not try using cotton yarn and making each with a different colour? You can achieve a beautiful rainbow effect! If you're having trouble figuring out how you can tighten the twine, follow this link to a video tutorial I recorded (it was shot very quickly with my phone, but it does the job of showing you how to do it). 


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    1. Não esses da foto, mas fiz o do vídeo explicando... chegou a assistir?

    2. Vi o vídeo no you tube. É fácil de fazer!