Monday 20 August 2012

Making stick dolls with the kids

I get so happy when I find a simple and cute idea of having fun with kids. Olly and I haven't got children (yet!) but we have two nieces and a nephew and I count the days until holidays or Christmas, when I can see them again.

I am definitely saving this to try and make some with them. Eartha might be too grown up already for it, Bram might find it too girly... But fingers crossed Violette will be up for it!

Making stick dolls with the kids
Photo Credit: Teawagontales
These ones were made by Jane, of Teawagontales. She uses lolly sticks to make the dolls, a range of washi tapes, buttons and pens. But why not try with some scrap paper, scissors and glue too? The secret is to keep the drawing as simple as you can and to use quick dry pens that won't run or stain the wood. Test a few before handing them over to the kids!

Because my mum is a doctor, I grew up having boxes of wooden tongue depressors lying around. I used to stick them together to make houses, fake oriental fans, anything my imagination could come up with at the time... I guess they work really well for this too, particularly because they are slightly wider than a lolly stick. You can buy 100 for around £3 in most pharmacies or Amazon.

If you do try to make them, please send me a picture!

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