Friday 22 March 2013

Easter decorations on the way

I know... I've been away for too long. But life sometimes decides to play tricks on us and when you see, weeks have passed! And now I have to sort of catch up, so I am starting here.

Easter is pretty much a week away and if you're thinking of decorations I am sure the idea below will help. I came across this blog around Valentines, but as I wasn't planning to hang up buntings around the house, I pinned it for later. Well, later has come!

Photo Credit: Glorious Treats

Isn't this idea by Glorious Treats great? Use burlap and twine to make your bunting and decorate it to fit your theme.

Instead of hearts you can use stamps of sweet little bunny rabbits, cover it in glue or paint and if you want, even sprinkle some glitter over it. It's the sort of thing the kids will love to help making and hanging afterwards and it will definitely brighten up your Sunday lunch table.

Follow the link above for the full tutorial by the wonderful Glory!

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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Crafty kit giveaway

Post updated on 30/03/2013 - I know you're expecting the end of the giveaway for today, but I had already given a hint that I could potentially extend it for a few days. Well, I didn't realise that it would end on Easter weekend... So I thought we might as well wait until the 2nd to announce the winner. And maybe Easter Bunny will add some chocolate perks to the bag!

I am sorry for the delay, but I was putting a lot of effort in making this post very special.

This is a giveaway post! Yay!!!

I am glad to say we reached 100 likes on Facebook and, as promised, here it is:

So here it what YOU, the lucky winner, will take home!

By the end of the month one of you will be the lucky winner of this crafty kit I put together. There is a bit of everything you need to brighten your day and your DIY projects. Here is a list of what is included:

- 2 fat quarters polka dotted pink and beige (50x55cm) by Papermania - Capsule Collection
- 3 x 3 metres of baker's twine (yellow, pink and blue) also by Papermania - Capsule Collection
- 5 mini wooden pegs
- 5 mini wooden leaves buttons/beads
- 4 pieces (8'' x 5'') of cotton felt in pastel colours (yellow, green, orange and blue)
- 3 wooden hearts with fabric patterns and a sticker back
- 7 assorted blue buttons
- 1 large wooden heart with flowery pattern
- 3 metres of 3-ply thick string (white)
- 1 metre of satin pink ribbon
- 3 Project Book (3''x4'') double sized cards by Becky Higgins

I hope I am not forgetting anything on this list. Note that this is NOT a sponsored giveaway. I actually put together this kit myself as a way of saying thanks to all of you that keep visiting M&P. Thank you soooo much!!!

So now that I've tempted you with these items, let's get down to how you can enter the giveaway: Like the M&P Facebook page (enter your email on the form and the app should recognise if you already liked it). Don't forget to leave a comment below saying what you enjoy about the blog, or tweet or pin! And you can earn some extra points =) So simple...

The giveaway will run until the end of the month, but I might extend it for a few days if I manage to add a few more items to the package. I don't want to promise anything yet, but will keep you posted. I hope you enjoy! =)

Friday 8 March 2013

Flowers on the International Women's Day

My Facebook newsfeed since the early hours of this morning was a very bright and flowery place. Although - and as like most of the posts reminded us - I believe women should be celebrated 365 days a year and instead of roses we should be spreading tools and information to stop the ongoing abuse that so many of us still suffer, I can't help but to offer flowers to my lovely and inspiring female friends. And to every women in the world I wish strength and a reason to smile every day.

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), "around the world, as many as one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or abused in some other way - most often by someone she knows, including by her husband or another male family member; one woman in four has been abused during pregnancy".


Photo Credit: Carmela Biscuit Blog

I came across this image on Pinterest and I want to share with you this lovely Bulgarian blog by Carmela Biscuit. She is sharing with us the pattern for these wonderful little crochet flowers she attached to twigs to make this arrangement. A sweet idea, as crochet flowers will brighten your life everyday of the year! I strongly recommend you to add her blog to your favourites. I've done it already =)

I've been trying different patterns and should soon be writing another post with more flowers you can add to this arrangement or to any other project of yours! If you're into crochet, check the section next week. Also, this Sunday I will announce the next giveaway as we reached 100 likes on Facebook! Thanks everyone and before I forget Happy International Women's Day!

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Jar cosies pattern

This has to be one of the sweetest blogs I ever came across. Yvonne Eijkenduijn - I couldn't pronounce her surname to save my life - is the writer behind the lovely and Belgian The Yvestown Blog. And she made available the crochet pattern for these jar cosies in the picture below, just follow the link for this and other cute crochet projects.

I am definitely giving it a go whenever I have time... Always time!

Photo Credit: