Posted on 15/09/2013
Hi everyone! I thought I should explain to you all why of my absence. I was working part-time when I started Mango and it helped me keeping my sanity - I had way too much free time on my hands back then. Today, after a slight change in my career, I am back working full time in the film industry and it simply leaves me no time to work on my DIY projects... But I will leave Mango live for those of you who would like to browse through the old posts & tutorials. Hopefully in the future I will find the right balance between the two things, but for now is farewell... I hope your days keep being bright!

BLOG:  Make your own lampshades with mason jars!
Posted on 06/06/2013
Last Valentines Day Mr. Hunter and I had dinner in a lovely local restaurant that used mason jars and bottles as lampshades! I fell in love with the idea and went browsing the web for a tutorial that would make the challenge easier. [read more]

GUEST POST:  What to do with those lovely bundles of material?
Posted on 23/05/2013
Margaret Harrold introduces us to Agatha, the Hippo, in this lovely post with an amazing back story! - "Everyone is selling tempting bundles of material now and here is a blast from the past that uses them in a fun way". [read more]

BLOG:  Time to up-cycle: DIY chest of drawers
Posted on 19/05/2013
I've been saving these pictures because I love both ideas sooooo much. So why not share it? You might very well find it useful too! Up-cycle an old chest of drawers or make a brand new one out of apple crates. [read more]

BLOG:  The Beautiful Art of Needle-Felting Posted on 06/05/2013
I was always intrigued by needle-felting. I found this tutorial on Pinterest and I loved the idea, but I had never tried this technique before, so I didn't dare just giving it a go without reading more about it first. [read more]

Posted on 30/04/2013
Following requests, the Knot Bracelet Tutorial was updated with a video and a few more notes! Let me know your thoughts [read more]

BLOG: DYI Painted Owl Magnets
Posted on 27/04/2013
Well, as the clay magnets two posts ago were so well received, I thought of sharing a similar post. You probably know by now I am a big owl fan, so I couldn't resist the cuteness of these decorated pebbles above! [read more]

Featured home images by Design and NonsenseYvestown.com and Casa & Trend.


Make your own buttons
When I first came across this tutorial I was debating with myself if I should buy the shrinking plastic or not. Well, I bought, made a few and I absolutely love it! [read more]

Zakka Owl Pennant
Zakka is a Japanese fashion and design word that refers to everything that improves your home, life and appearance. Having said that... Aren't these lovely? [read more]


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Make your own buttons

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