Tuesday 12 March 2013

Crafty kit giveaway

Post updated on 30/03/2013 - I know you're expecting the end of the giveaway for today, but I had already given a hint that I could potentially extend it for a few days. Well, I didn't realise that it would end on Easter weekend... So I thought we might as well wait until the 2nd to announce the winner. And maybe Easter Bunny will add some chocolate perks to the bag!

I am sorry for the delay, but I was putting a lot of effort in making this post very special.

This is a giveaway post! Yay!!!

I am glad to say we reached 100 likes on Facebook and, as promised, here it is:

So here it what YOU, the lucky winner, will take home!

By the end of the month one of you will be the lucky winner of this crafty kit I put together. There is a bit of everything you need to brighten your day and your DIY projects. Here is a list of what is included:

- 2 fat quarters polka dotted pink and beige (50x55cm) by Papermania - Capsule Collection
- 3 x 3 metres of baker's twine (yellow, pink and blue) also by Papermania - Capsule Collection
- 5 mini wooden pegs
- 5 mini wooden leaves buttons/beads
- 4 pieces (8'' x 5'') of cotton felt in pastel colours (yellow, green, orange and blue)
- 3 wooden hearts with fabric patterns and a sticker back
- 7 assorted blue buttons
- 1 large wooden heart with flowery pattern
- 3 metres of 3-ply thick string (white)
- 1 metre of satin pink ribbon
- 3 Project Book (3''x4'') double sized cards by Becky Higgins

I hope I am not forgetting anything on this list. Note that this is NOT a sponsored giveaway. I actually put together this kit myself as a way of saying thanks to all of you that keep visiting M&P. Thank you soooo much!!!

So now that I've tempted you with these items, let's get down to how you can enter the giveaway: Like the M&P Facebook page (enter your email on the form and the app should recognise if you already liked it). Don't forget to leave a comment below saying what you enjoy about the blog, or tweet or pin! And you can earn some extra points =) So simple...

The giveaway will run until the end of the month, but I might extend it for a few days if I manage to add a few more items to the package. I don't want to promise anything yet, but will keep you posted. I hope you enjoy! =)


  1. Those prizes are amazing Zai! x

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  3. This blog is awesome and inspiring... I so love it... :) The giveaway crafty stuff is soooo tempting... I wish i could get it and do something creative with it... XOXO

  4. Wow, such a nice giveaway. I am curious now who was the lucky girl to have it :) I hope I will win some of your giveaways as well one day. Thank you for posting!