Sunday, 19 May 2013

Time to up-cycle: DIY chest of drawers

I hope you missed me as much as I missed writing here. I know Mango's posts date back from January 2012, but those are remnants of an old blog of mine. Mango as we know it, actually, only started in June last year... To be precise, the first post was on 15th June.

I have to admit, I am proud for keeping up with it. I think all bloggers who don't let the ball drop should be very proud of their babies. To maintain a blog is not an easy task when there are so many other aspects of your life fighting for your time.

Anyway, there is a section of Mango that I noticed needed some updating, so here it goes: some Home Decor inspiration for you!

I've been saving these pictures because I love both ideas sooooo much. So why not share it? You might very well find it useful too!

This one comes with a tutorial, by Cameras & Chaos

The first image is by Cameras & Chaos. Cindy talks us through the task of turning an old and rough chest of drawers into this beautiful piece of vintage looking furniture. Can you think of a more perfect place to store all your bits of fabric or linen?

The second is by a German blog and shop Titatoni. I couldn't find the exact post with the picture, but trust me, the entire blog is worth a visit. I could spend hours going through the lovely ideas and photos on it. It's simply gorgeous!

Photo credit:


I love the idea of using wooden apple crates to make a piece of furniture. But, to be honest, I love the whole composition of this picture. The colours, the vintage radio, the little topiary tree - or is it an olive tree? - even the cushion is adorable!