Friday 13 July 2012

Framed petals

Framed petals
Photo Credit: Taken by me, with Instagram!
A quick post to share a quick idea... 

Every time I get given flowers, it breaks my heart when it is time to throw them away. Sometimes I keep the petals inside of old books to find them only years later, but most of the time I can't remember the occasion or who gave me them...

So recently I thought with myself - Why not display them using a photo frame? I kept some of the leaves as well and made this in literally two minutes! I also wrote on the back the date and the occasion... A perfect record for sweet memories! And you can fill an entire wall with them if you want.

This one is helping to make my living room a little prettier, like the fresh flowers did once. 

"Wow look at you now
Flowers in the window
It's such a lovely day
And I'm glad you feel the same"

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