Wednesday 11 July 2012

Teddy Bear made of a good old sock!

I am a big fan of Friends, so it was great when I came across this amazing - and visual - tutorial of how to create a teddy bear out of a sock! For those who didn't follow, Phoebe's character in Friends makes "sock bunnies", but they're not even close to being as cute as the one below.

I confess I don't know who owns the credit for this tutorial. I found it originally on Pinterest, but I've been searching the web since to try to credit the original creator and found at least three different websites that claim ownership. So I want to make clear for anyone reading this: I didn't have the idea, I didn't make this teddy or take these pictures. My only credit, if any, was to put together the montage.

I am only reproducing it here because, as I said, I saw it on Pinterest and I absolutely love it!

Teddy Bear made of a good old sock!
* I am not sure who to credit the pictures to, these websites have claimed
ownership:, and

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