Thursday 17 January 2013

Burlap or not burlap?

It's almost 2am and I had a very long day, but I had to share it here before I forget about it...

In my last trip to Horncastle (my personal arts & crafts version of paradise) over Christmas, I stocked up in some supplies: different ribbons, original colour felts, lovely buttons and... burlap! Or, as I found out, hessian - apparently that's how it's called here in the UK. Living and learning.

The thing is, when I bought it, I had a DIY project in mind... But it's not the first time that after acquiring a material, I simply can't remember what I had planned for it. In any case, Pinterest never disappoints me. Last night I came across this wonderful idea and I had not only to pin it, but share over here and, mostly, try out this coming weekend! So before it flies out of my mind...

Photo Credit: I Spy DIY

This tutorial by Jenni, from I Spy DIY is straight forward and opens up a world of possibilities with burlap... (ops! hessian). Think of how many wedding decorations, cushions, place-mats, storage bins can be decorated using this technique!

The table runner she shows us how to do is just the start of an entire collection, if you have the time & energy! The materials are the ones you can see in the picture, just follow the link above for the "how to".

PS: And if you're a fashion enthusiast, don't forget to browse through her Clothing, Accessory & Jewellery DIY pages. Totally a must read! :)

Photo Credit: I Spy DIY

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