Monday 14 January 2013

Sweet tooth!

I love sweets! Whilst Mr. Hunter loves to prepare a tasty yummy dinner, all that I often care about is the dessert. But having grown up in Brazil, dessert for me is almost a synonym for condensed milk.

You can google it if you want: Pudim, Brigadeiro, Beijinho, Cajuzinho... Even Doce de Leite! Pretty much every traditional Brazilian dessert uses at least 1 tin of condensed milk, what makes them very rich for English standards...

I guess before Mr. Hunter mentioned, I never really stopped to think about it. How could that be? There was bound to exist at least one sweet I could remember from the top of my head that didn't require condensed milk! Think, think, think... No luck, it just wouldn't come to me...

Last weekend, however, I was walking with my cousin in Covent Garden when I looked at Lush's window - in case you don't know, Lush is a handmade cosmetic shop and it smells amazing! Every time I enter it, I have to stop myself from wanting to eat their soaps, shower jellies and bath bombs - I know, I need help... Anyway, all of a sudden I felt this desire to eat Quindim! That was it, Quindim! One Brazilian dessert that doesn't use condensed milk!

So, after this long introduction... Here it goes the recipe for this amazing treat for those that like me, have a pretty sweet tooth. Quindim has the same texture as jelly on top, but is thick in the bottom, as it sets with most of the coconut to one half... I hope you enjoy it!

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- 10 egg yokes (I know, if you don't like eggs, give up...)
- 50g of desiccated coconut
- 150ml of coconut milk (try to get fresh coconut milk if you can... it tastes nicer!)
- About 200g of caster sugar
- Butter or spread to coat the bottom of your tray (if using silicone ones you won't need it) and a bit more sugar to sprinkle it.

*** Tip: When separating the eggs, why not save your whites to make a merengue?! 

How to:

1. Start by pre-heating your oven to 110°C.
2. In a bowl, add all the ingredients and stir gently.
3. Coat your tray & sprinkle it with a bit more caster sugar before placing the mixture.
4. Bake it in bain-marie (water-bath) for 30 to 50 minutes. To check if the Quindim is ready, stick a toothpick until the bottom and if it comes out dry, it means you're safe to remove it from the oven! 
5. Take it out of the oven and wait until it cools down a bit. If you try to plate it whilst it is still too hot or after it goes cold, it will very likely break, so make sure to do with the Quindim still slightly warm. 

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