Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cute monster bookmark

As I said before, I love arts & crafts, despite not having the skills. So I often search the web for cute little useful DIY solutions that are easy to make. One of the latest ones I came across on was a corner bookmark. Well, if like me you still have a bookshelf full of paper books (if you haven't surrendered to Kindle yet), one of these might come quite handy.

Cute monster bookmark
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My main reasons for loving them are:

Unlike some other bookmarks, they don't stick out, getting all shabby and creased.
They don't add any relevant weight to your book
Because of their format, they are very reliable and won't come off easily (at least not as easy as magnetic ones do)
They are pretty cute and I love their faces as if they were devouring the book!

Well, so here I give you two options: you can keep reading this post and I will explain a quick way of making them or... You can follow the link I mentioned above and read the original (and very very long) tutorial. Feel free to choose.

- Scrap paper
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Glue (I actually prefer Mod Podge, matte finish, and I apply it with a brush)
- And the template designed by Natalia Heike that you can get by clicking here (pdf)

How to:
1. So, the first step, in my opinion, is to print the template and to cut the body part. With that in hand, place it on your piece of scrap paper and trace the contour to help you cut it as in the model.

2. With your body cut, trace two lines separating the main square from the two triangles (exactly like it is on the model). That will be a good guideline for you when folding. If your scrap paper is double sided, with cute patterns on both sides, then it doesn't really matter what way you will fold what I call the "wings". If not, keep the side with the pattern up and fold the two wings inwards on the lines.

3. This step is only for those whose scrap paper is not double sided. Now, with that squared shape figure in your hands, use another piece of scrap paper to cut one square the same size as the one you already have (that later will go on the back of your marker). Cut also one triangle, the same size of one of the wings (that will go over the folded area), making the face of your little monster. Use the glue or the Mod Podge to stick first the triangle and after the square.

4. Now it is time to cut the teeth and the eyes. For the teeth, I printed the template from the link (see materials above) on a plain white paper and I stuck it to the main part by passing a tiny amount of Mod Podge parallel to the top edge and placing it under the folded part. Remember, when using the model, keep the side with the reference lines facing down, so you don't see them once you glue it.

5. For the eyes, I didn't find the template useful. I'll explain: I didn't have scrap paper in the colours I wanted and I am terrible cutting circles. So the solution was to quick fix something on Photoshop. For my one, as you can see in the picture, I actually printed 3 pairs of circles (black, blue and white) and glued them together before placing the eyes on my marker. However, I thought of trying to make your life a bit easier, so you can click here and download an "eye model". Just import the image file on Word for example, re-size it (and even change the colour if you want) then print. Once you cut and glue it to the body, your monster is finished!

Well, that's pretty much it, make sure your little monster is fully dried before you use it. Aren't they the cutest corner bookmarks?

Cute monster bookmark
Photo by Zaira Brilhante
Cute monster bookmark
Photo by Zaira Brilhante


  1. I recreated it ♥ It's totally cute ♥♥

  2. Oh, I'd love to see it! Send me a pic if you can! Or post it at Tumblr?! :)

  3. I made a blogspost :] You can check out my blog for the pictures ♥

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