Thursday, 19 January 2012

Beijinho de Coco (little coconut kiss)

Yes, I have a sweet tooth. I can't help it. One of my favourite sweets is "beijinho", a Brazilian treat very common in kids parties. There are - I believe - about a hundred different ways of preparing it. As cooking is not one of my strengths, I obviously like to prepare the easiest one. Why not? It still tastes delicious!

Beijinho de Coco (little coconut kiss) recipe
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You will need: 
A can of condensed milk
Present in pretty much every Brazilian recipe! 
About 250g of desiccated coconut granules
One spoon of spread or butter
Granulated sugar and cloves to decorate

You can also use more dessicated coconut to finish it (as in the picture), but if you're not on a diet, I suggest to stick to the sugar, it adds another texture to it.

How to:
Mix the condensed milk, the butter or spread and the 250g of coconut and cook it on a low to medium hob. Keep stirring, you will notice that the mix is thickening. When it is not sticking anymore to the sides and bottom of the pan, you can transfer it to a plate.
Wait until it is cool enough for you to make the little balls. Then, it is up to you, you can either roll them on the sugar or in more coconut and add the clove as a final touch, for that little bit more flavour and colour.

Preparing time: About 15 minutes


  1. I can remember you making these at Dad's house and you were trying to describe the little black things you needed to put in the top. We were struggling to work it out so I asked what they're called in Portuguese, went to the cupboard and hey presto! We had yummy beijinhos! One of my favourite Brazilian foods.