Thursday, 19 January 2012

Make your own lids

When Olly and I were planning our wedding, we decided to get our hands dirty and to DIY as much as we could. I had lots of ideas, but very little skills that enabled me to make them come true, so I went searching the web and I found at a very handy tutorial that showed me how to make the lids for the jars you can see in the picture.

Make your own jar lids
Photo Credit: Zaira Brilhante

The hardest thing was to find where they sell the Mod Podge in the UK (I had never heard of it until that day). But then I found this very useful website where I got not only the Mod Podge from, but also the cute patterns I used in the end.

What you will need:
Little squares of paper
Mod Podge (matte finish)

How to:
1. Wash jars and remove any labels. At Design Sponge they say for you to use Goo Gone, I used Sticky Stuff Remover by De.Solv.It, that I got from Amazon. To remove smells, soak in a bleach solution and let it dry.
2. Place the lid over your scrap paper and trace the contour with a pencil. Sketch a 1/2cm bigger circle around your first circle. You can use a compass or another round object to help you tracing it.
3. Cut strips about 1/2cm apart, that go right up to the first pencil tracing. Coat inside the smaller circle with Mod Podge and adhere it to the lid. Give it a couple of minutes to dry.

Make your own jar lids
Photo Credit: Grace Bonney
4. With the lid facing down, begin to glue the strips inwards and clockwise. Coat two or three strips at once and fold each one up and over the edge of the lid. It's ok if they don't fold making a perfect 90 degree and if some overlap, don't worry, it will still look great.
5. Once you've glued all the strips, turn the lid over (pattern facing up) and give it a final coat with Mod Podge to seal. In the original tutorial they say to coat the whole lid, but it didn't work for me, so I coated only the sides (the area of the strips that were folded), both inside and outside.

And here is how it looked like on the table at our wedding!

Make your own jar lids
Picture by our lovely photographer, Graham Morgan
For more pictures and the original tutorial, visit

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