Monday, 25 June 2012

Afghan Pattern #1 - 8 Points Star

Four months ago I shared here that I decided to take an adventure in the art of crocheting. I went from someone that didn't even know what yarn or needle to buy to someone with sore fingers due to a - not always successful - attempt to keep the same tension throughout hundreds of stitches.

To read the first post, a sort of "crochet for dummies", click here. 

Afghan Pattern 1 - 8 Points Star
Photo Credit: Zaira Brilhante, with Pentax K-x

I finally managed to work 4 of my favourite patterns to make my throw and I decided to share them here. They should all be easy to follow, as they are beginner level patterns, but feel free to ask any questions.

Before, however, I should say I am using 4.5mm needle aiming to make 15cm square blocks. I used Wendy Supreme 100% cotton DK.

Note: During my first attempts crocheting I tried to make these patterns with wool, but I didn't like the effect as much as with cotton yarns. Cotton not only emphasises the pattern but is also much easier to handle and I am not even using a particularly that good or expensive brand.

Afghan Pattern 1 - 8 Points Star
Soon more patterns!

Pattern: 8 Points Star (#1)

Foundation: Work 4ch and join with ss to form a ring.
Round 1: 1ch, 8dc into ring, join with ss into 1st dc.
Round 2: 6ch, 1dc into 3rd ch from hook and in next ch, then 1htr into next 2 ch and ss into next dc. You completed the first point. Now repeat this round 7x and at the end of 8th point, join with ss into 1st of 6ch. Break off yarn.

Note: We are starting this pattern from the middle, making the star. From the next round onwards, we will work on the reverse side of the pattern and will stitch anti-clockwise. I used three different colours, but you can play around as you prefer. 

Round 3: Join your new yarn to the tip of any point. Start with 5ch (equivalent to 1tr, 2ch), 1tr into same place and you completed a corner. Next 4 ch, ss into tip of next point, 4ch. // Now [1tr, 2ch, 1tr] into tip of next point, 4ch, ss into tip of next point.  Repeat from // 2x and join with ss into 3rd of 5ch.
Round 4: Ss into next 2ch corner space. // 3ch (equivalent to 1tr), [2tr, 2ch, 3tr] into same space, 4tr into each of next 2 4ch spaces. Repeat from // 3x replacing the 3ch for 1tr. Join with ss into 3rd of 3ch.
Round 5: 3ch (equivalent to 1tr), 1tr into every tr of previous round working [3tr, 2ch, 3tr] into each 2ch corner space. Join with ss into 3rd of 3ch. Break off yarn.

Round 6: Join next yarn. Repeat steps of previous round. Break off yarn.

Round 7: Joint next yarn. 3ch (equivalent to 1tr), 1tr into every tr of previous round working 5tr into each 2ch corner space. Join with ss into 3rd of 3ch. Fasten off yarn.


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