Friday, 22 June 2012

More ideas of cute doily-laced envelopes

I recently I had a comment on my previous blog Too Many Likes regarding the post Cute Vintage Doily Envelope.

Budget Barbie said...
So lovely and pretty, inspired me to come up with something doily related without having to spend so much. Still keeping the romantic & rustic look!!

This was a nice surprise as I came across her blog My Big Day On A Dime, with lovely and cute ideas for brides to be! (and anyone that like me loves DIY projects)

Following on from the same idea of my previous post, the two pictures below give you an idea of how to use simple paper doilies to make personalised vintage look envelopes.

More ideas of cute doily-laced envelopes
Visit for the tutorial

More ideas of cute doily-laced envelopes
These ones are for sale at but why not to try make them instead?

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