Wednesday 12 September 2012

20 (ops! actually, 19) awesome free fonts

I saw the following image on Pinterest and straight away went to have a look at it. The pin took me to a post on that listed each one of these. I checked each link and noticed a few things that I thought of sharing here.

20 (ops! actually, 19) awesome free fonts
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 #13 - American Typewriter was removed

 #4 - Museo Slab is available through that requests you to create an account, add your chosen font to your cart and proceed to check out, the same way you would do if you selected one of the paid fonts.

 #3 - Lavanderia, #11 - Blanch and #16 - Airplane - These three can be downloaded from the same website, It asks you to choose how much you'd like to pay for them. To download it for free, just enter "0" and click on download.

Below all the links you will need. But don't forget to visit 7th House On the Left, who originally got all these cute fonts together. Greg and Ashley Brown blog follows their journey of renovating and decorating their first home!

1. St Marie 2. Champagne & Limousines 3. Lavanderia 4. Museo Slab 500 5. Mailart Rubberstamp 6. Code Light 7. Marcelle 8. Simply Glamorous 9. Scribblebox 10. Peach Sundress 11. Blanch 12. Villa Didot 13. American Typewriter (NOT WORKING) 14. Bready 15. Walkway Semibold 16. Airplane 17. Print Clearly 18. Sail 19. Matilde 20. Petie Boy

PS: My favourites are Matilde and Villa Didot, what about yours?

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