Friday 28 September 2012

Free printable jar labels

I think everyone will agree, recycling is a must. I confess that until I moved to the UK I didn't have the habit to recycle. It's only now that, in Brazil, buildings and councils are showing some real concern about it...

Today, however, I not only separate the rubbish but I try to re-use many things at home, as this blog might have given you an idea already. Glass jars are one of my favourite items to find a new use for! And it was wonderful to come across this free printable labels from

Free printable jar labels
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This Australian graphic design website offers so many and cute options for labels and bands that you won't believe. Follow the link and check the three PDFs available to download (at the end of a selection of very nice pictures, by the way). I believe there are more than 50 options for you to print and use!
If you need tips on how to decorate jars tops with scrap paper, read Make your own lids, my first ever post on this blog! 

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