Wednesday 26 September 2012

Chocolate decorated glasses

I am a chocoholic, although I try really hard to contain it... In any case, I love this idea. It works for kids parties but also for grown ups gatherings. I know it looks a bit girly, but I guess we're excused if it is tasty.

Chocolate decorated glasses
I don't know who to credit on this photo, please drop me a line if you do!

To get the right consistency for the chocolate you need to temper it. If you have no clue what that means, check steps 2 to 5 of Dark Chocolate and Coconut Bonbons post. Bare in mind it is simpler to do than it seems when you first read it.
The rest is pretty simple. Choose your glass (sweet cocktails might go really well with it), dip it into the chocolate then on a cup filled with hundreds & thousands. Leave it to dry. Again, for cocktails my tip is to take the glasses to the fridge, if you have enough room for it of course. 

Note that for kids parties it is always worth to advise the little ones not to try to eat the glass. I'm sure they will be pretty tempted. 


  1. I bet that is a nightmare to try to wash up!

  2. It's not Al, I made chocolate bonbons for Olly (the same I linked on this post) for our anniversary. I thought it would be a nightmare to wash all the bowls and plates I used because by the time I had finished everything the chocolate had dried and solidified again, but i just put it all in the sink with warm water and it melted minutes later. Then I just had to wash it like everything else.
    if you don't want to get the hundreds & thousands to go down the drain, just scrap most of it in the bin before. They should come out easily. Sometimes too easily. When I make brigadeiro with them I tend to find a few lying around on the floor afterwards...