Sunday 30 September 2012

Freebies: Holiday gift tags

Today Mr. Hunter asked me if, on his next day off, we should go out Christmas shopping. I looked at him a bit in shock. Not that much because in my head the holidays are still light years away but mainly because it was somehow hard to acknowledge that "Mr. leaves everything for last minute" was bringing that up!

Freebies: Holiday gift tags
Photo Credit: Sass & Peril

Well, in any case, October is knocking at our doors and soon enough the shopping windows will start to change from autumn to winter colours, snow flakes will replace the leaves and you will inevitably be stocking up on presents. So here is a present from Sass & Peril to all of us. Free holiday gift tags you can print and add that little personal touch to with ribbons and maybe some glitter (why not?).

I should be posting a few more Christmas themed posts as we get closer to the holidays, so keep an eye at the label for more ideas, freebies and tutorials. If you have a suggestion or a post you would like to share, please send me the link and I will tag it here! 

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