Saturday 29 September 2012

Heart shaped confetti

Remember the printing on old books tutorial? Well, here is another tip of what you can do with old yellowy book pages! If you are looking for originality and, like most of us, need to keep your wedding budget under control, why not make this?

Heart shaped confetti
Photo Credit: ddeforest Vintage Wedding Confetti

If you want to spend $16 USD (about £10) you can buy 500 of these from ddeforest on Esty. Or, you can do what I would do, which is to buy a heart shaped hole punch like this, from Amazon or any crafts shop and an old looking book from a charity shop, that usually will cost you £1. Most of the time you can find the good old classics, like Pride & Prejudice, very easily (I love it!!!).   

If you want to make smaller size confetti, you can get this one or even this entire set (that includes also flower, star and butterfly shapes) and will still cost you much less. With this size you could even try to recreate the rainbow cards, replacing the butterflies for your sweet little hearts, stars or flowers!

Heart shaped confetti
Photo Credit: ddeforest Vintage Wedding Confetti


  1. I love this! I even have the same punch, bought it for my wedding, but it never occurred to me to use it on old books. Brilliant!

    1. Hello! You might want to have a look at the label "good old books" for other ideas - check it in the section smoothie []
      =) xxx