Thursday 27 September 2012

Yarn made heart!

I first saw this on Pinterest a while ago, but unfortunately at the time the picture lead me to (I suppose) a Chinese website with a broken link, so not much help... However, I persisted and believe I have finally found the person responsible for this amazing technique: Canadian Michele Pacey, from

Yarn made heart!
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Her Sunkissed Heart Wreath tutorial is so precise and easy to follow that I became a fan already. You will only need skinny ballons (those that require a pump to fill), PVA glue and yarn! And, of course, container, scissors, water and some newspaper to minimise the mess around your home.

The hardest part of the tutorial for me is to wait the two nights required until you have your final sweet and cute yarn heart, but I think it is worth the wait! These have so many different uses, they are lovely to decorate babies bedrooms, wedding venues or just to hang by your window and admire the effect of the sun light shining through it... I need to make one!

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