Wednesday 14 November 2012

Felt boxes tutorial

Post updated on 04/03/2013 - Thanks to an anonymous post I can now credit this tutorial to How About Orange, a website that funnily enough I came across a couple of times before due to different tutorials and I absolutely love! Remember to add it to your favourites! And thanks to the anonymous reader for the tip :)

Hello... I am terribly sorry I haven't been posting here as frequently as before. I am so busy until the end of this year - and it all happened so suddenly - that I had no time to plan a strategy to keep up with the blog. However, although I didn't write a post, I spent the past two days working on M&P. I just completed a couple of projects and am in the process of taking some pictures to share them here soon, so please come back in the next few days and you won't regret!

In the mean time, I thought of sharing something I found quite nice. I was looking for a way to wrap some of my projects that I turn into presents. But I also wanted something that could be re-used. You see, I love wrapping paper. I have a drawer full of packaging & papers of gifts I've been given this year. However, I know not everyone is crafty and not everyone will just keep the packaging unless it is very pretty or useful... I guess this project below is both, not to mention very cost effective.

Easy to make felt boxes
Photo Credit: How About Oranges
This was one of those pins that no matter how far back you try to track, it just seems to be impossible to find the website where it originally came from. If you're any wiser, please let me know and I will promptly credit it =)

An A4 felt sheet costs about £0.50 and you can make two sets of small boxes (jewellery size) with it. Of course, you can always adapt the pattern to make bigger boxes. I don't think anyone receiving a present this Christmas in one of these would dare throw them away afterwards... PVA glue should do the job, but for a more resistant finish you can try superglue too. 



    1. Thank you for the tip, I updated the post with the appropriate credit =)

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