Friday 2 November 2012

Wallpaper beyond the walls returns!

I guess to see Mr. Hunter's reaction to the first post of 4 Home was one of those priceless moments in life. So I'd like to spare a second to dedicate this "The Return!" post to him.

Here is a few more ideas I came across on how to stretch and push the boundaries of wallpaper: 1) a flat headboard on the wall, instead of against it; 2) Adding texture and colour to the inside of a lampshade; 3) Repurpose the scrap bits you didn't use on your home to decorate your children's doll house and; 4) Make the gaps between your stair steps more interesting with this little touch.

If you like these four ideas, check the section 4Home for the original post!

I can't remember exactly from where each one of these pictures came from, but I know that they, as well as the ones in the original post Wallpaper beyond the walls, are either from Better Home & Gardens or Apartment Therapy or posts on Pinterest without referring links.

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