Friday 9 November 2012

More chalkboard action!

As yesterday's chalkboard Photoshop tutorial had such a great response, I thought of sharing this other chalkboard "how to" I came across recently.

How to to give an old tin a chalkboard make-over!
Give an old tin a chalkboard make-over! Photo Credit: SerenityNow

This idea was originally published at InfarrantlyCreative, but it is signed by Amanda, from SerenityNow. And this is what you will need to turn a lame old fashioned cookie tin into a lovely personalised & re-usable storage solution (because, as I mentioned before, you can't ever have too many storage options):

- Cookie tin (or any other tin you have in hand)
- Spray paint in your chosen colour
- Chalkboard spray paint (different from the one I mentioned in the previous post, which was just regular chalkboard paint)
- Painter’s tape (also known in the UK as masking tape)
- Silhouette vinyl (this is a more expensive touch, as Amanda mentioned, it's optional, but it does add that little extra)

How to to give an old tin a chalkboard make-over! (full tutorial available)
I don't know what looks more amazing, the revamped tin or the Nutella bread!

The "how to" is no mystery: Using the masking tape, cover the inside borders and any other area of your tin that you would like to preserve the original decoration (Amanda preserved the border with the red detail). Spray-paint following the instructions on the canister and allow enough time for it to dry. Do the same, now using the chalk spray, to cover the top.

Amanda applied the vinyl sticker to create that lovely frame for her writing. As I mentioned above, it's really up to you, you might want to try to decorate it first just with chalk... If you don't have a chalk pen, a good tip to get the writing nice and smooth with a regular chalk stick is to first trim it using a pencil sharpener. It does wonders!

If you would like to read the complete tutorial, please follow this link. As a bonus for reading Amanda's post, she shares with us a lovely recipe for her Nutella Pumpkin Cheesecake Bread, featured on the tin! Yummy yummy... :)


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