Friday 23 November 2012

The most wonderful felt robots!

Updated! Check the bottom of the post for an update on the 20th January 2013.

It doesn't get any cuter than these. Mr. Hunter and I joke when we see something really sweet saying that it makes our hearts melt. Well, this definitely has done the job. Etsy shop Little Brown Byrd is responsible for this and a series of other lovely and creative robots using not only felt, but denim and other types of fabric.

I haven't tried to make these yet, but I have a feeling it's pretty simple. Once I have a go at it, I will make my pattern available here (it might take some time though, as I am pretty busy with work until mid-December). In the mean time, if you print your squares on a freezer paper sheet and stick it to the felt before you cut it, the process becomes a lot easier. Check this link for a quick run through on how to work with fabric and freezer paper. I just ordered some sheets from Amazon - this was the cheapest option among the ones made to fit an inkjet printer. 

The most wonderful felt robots!
Photo Credit: Little Brown Byrd

1. Start by sewing together the cubes that make the arms & legs. I would make sure I double my thread just to make it stronger. For the filling, I use the supersoft 100% polyester by Minicraft. 

2. Then, attach the front of the body to its bottom and move on to adding the legs. Attach the arms to the squares that will go on each side and sew them to the body (front & bottom) that you already started. Leave it aside while you move on to the head. 

3. Add the buttons that make the eyes to the front square of your head cube. If you want the eyelash effect, this is the time to do it! You can also add the bow or any other accessory you choose. Add the other sides leaving the bottom for last and before you close it, add the toy filling. 

4. Now go back to the body... Add the top part of the body to your 4 piece set (front, bottom & both sides) and sew the head to it. The only bit left for you to do is the back. Add the final bit of toy filling and close it. Voilà! 

Please, if you have a go, don't forget to share the pictures with me via @craftyblog, Facebook or email! =)

..:: :: UPDATES :: ::..

So I finally had the chance to do this! And I am in love with Sofia... It was much simpler than I thought to cut the felt, I didn't need to use the freeze paper.

Sewing the dices together takes time, but it's sort of second nature. You place one square over the other and sew the two together, than move to the next side, without fastening your thread, you just keep adding sides until there's only one left. This was the only time I had to fasten the thread and start again.

As promised, here are the measurements I used:

Body = 7.5 cm square
Head = 5.5 cm square
Hands & Legs = 3.5 cm square

If you don't want to have the trouble to make one, Sofia is for sale on my ETSY shop :)

Below some pictures I took with my phone that show some key parts of the process.

Photo Credit: Zaira Brilhante, with iPhone 4S


  1. SO cute! Love this little robot :)

  2. my version of the felt robot if the link works you should be able to see my attempt at making this robot....

  3. I'm so thankful, I made two for my kids and they really like them =) so cute

  4. is there a similar template to this?

  5. Love this such a great idea x

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