Saturday 17 November 2012

Project Life - the beginning!

Finally the time has come. I was going to wait until 2013, but once I received my kit I couldn't contain myself. I am officially in love with Project Life. So what is it? You will see out there lots of ways to describe it. I can't take my pick between a fancy scrap-booking tool or a very visual and cute diary... I just had to start one!

Since early this year I went back to my roots of "writer". I decided to keep a diary, but I noticed it was getting more and more visual... Perhaps as an influence of this age. Soon after, I started M&P, importing a few old posts from my previous - and dormant - blog (the reason why you see a big gap between February & June posts).

I am officially in love with Project Life
From day 1 to the last update... An insight on my old "project life" book. Taken with my iPhone

It didn't take long until, during one of my adventures through Pinterest, I found beautiful pictures of what for me looked very much like my diary, but in nice big plastic wallets, that would make my life much easier... However, to find them for sale in the UK wasn't as easy - thus taking me this long to get it! Finally, I came across Becky Higgins and the solution for all my problems! From that moment on, I was determined to change from my simple paper notepad to the wonderful Project Life kits...
I am officially in love with Project Life
Sample of a traditional Project Life. Pages by Connie Tacazon, from Becky Higgins. 

Well, this was just an introductory post as Project Life is also a new section here. Instead of keeping an label with "journal" items, that I've been doing since M&P was revamped, now I will keep any personal notes to the Project Life section & if you're into it as well, you can have a look at it for freebies, printables and other tips on how to add that little special touch to your own.

To start with, check the "free stuff" section at Becky Higgins for some amazingly cute printables, like the ones below!

I am officially in love with Project Life
Some of the free downloadables you will find available! Aren't they lovely?

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