Monday, 26 November 2012

Getting ready for Xmas with paper trees

Have you thought of making this year's Christmas cards yourself? I wish I had a little bit more time on my hands to do it, particularly since I saw this picture and had the idea of sticking these trees to stock paper to make cards.

The funny thing is that at first sight, I thought these were really easy to cut and fold, but it actually took me a few attempts until I got it right. The actual shape you need to cut is not a perfect semi-circle, as I originally thought. So I decided to quickly put together a free printable you can download and use as a stencil. Just follow this link! (please, if you want to make it available on your website, link to this page)

Getting ready for Xmas with paper trees
Photo Credit: Gunny Sack Race, on Etsy

I though of using ribbons to do the bottom part. You can also add other bits & bobs to it and decorate to make each one unique. Let your creativity do the job! Just as a note, your final tree, following my pattern, will be 8cm tall (about 3 1/8") by 6cm wide (2 1/4").


  1. Hi Z! I was going to print this Christmas Tree Pattern, but it is no longer available. I'm sure it is because you are working on your blog sight, but I wanted to let you know just in case you were not aware. Also, I should be able to work on my project this weekend with the goodies that you sent me. The Chocolate was delish!!! Thank you :) Loving the new set-up. Hugs, Laura

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for the heads up... I had forgotten about these pattern files, what a nightmare this whole dropbox thing was, but at least I am glad about the new look too =)

      I will update it this weekend and will drop you a line when the template is back on. I can't wait to see your projects! Don't forget to take pics and share with us on Facebook... xoxo

  2. Big THANKS for the template! This is lovely!

  3. I love it! And I think I'm gonna use it for one of my xmas cards. :)

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