Saturday 24 November 2012

Personalised watercolour cards

This time, two years ago, I thought I had all the time in the world before my wedding, in June 2011. I couldn't be more wrong! Time flew... As it always does when you're under pressure... However, the saying "time flies when you're having fun" was also true. I enjoyed making all the bits & pieces of my DIY big day so much, that I had to keep on going even afterwards... (I could say about M&P that it all started with my wedding!).

I find this technique a bit tricky, as it requires a fairly steady hand (definitely not my forté). However, Megan, editor of Glamour & Grace, breaks it down step-by-step and the final result is just too cute for us not to try re-crating! 

Personalised watercolour cards
Photo Credit: Glamour & Grace. Although you can follow the template, each card will be wonderfully unique and special!  

From bridesmaids cards to pretty much anything you can come up with, aren't these just gorgeous?! And the tutorial comes with both card & envelope templates as free printables! We couldn't ask for more.

Apart from the usual crafter kit (scissors, glue, scrap-paper for the envelopes, etc...) the specific material you will need for this tutorial is:
  • Watercolour paper 
  • Watercolour paints (Megan says the cheap Crayola will work just fine)
  • White coloured pencil or colourless blender pencil (she recommends Prismacolor brand)
  • Medium flat paintbrush
You will need a few paper towels as well, just to keep your cards and work surface neat and clean!

Another wonderful tip is to place the cards against a window to help you tracing it over the template! A cheap solution for those without a light box.

Visit Glamour & Grace for the full tutorial

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