Thursday 1 November 2012

Sweet crochet bunting pattern

Although I've been writing a post a day, it's hard to keep up with the huge amount of gorgeous ideas out there!

Now that I organised the sections of M&P between Tutorials & Smoothie + the originals Crochet, Printables and the newly added 4Home, it's been easier for me to realise that sometimes I leave a too big a gap between certain types of post... Can you believe that the last crochet pattern I shared here was on the post of 15th September, Late summer tip: Crochet beach bag?!

Sweet crochet bunting pattern
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To make up for it, I thought you would like these amazing granny buntings, so kindly shared by Emma on her sweet blog

And the best part for me is that I found this pattern pretty easy to follow! But an important note to ALL US READERS! Emma uses the UK terminology, so a double crochet (dc) is actually a single crochet (sc) and what we call on this side of the Atlantic a treble (tr) is a double crochet (dc). I guess a slip stitch (sl st) is always slip stitch (sl st). =)

PS: My thoughts go to all M&P readers in US & Canada suffering after Sandy. I hope you're safe and well and that everyone can recover from this soon.


  1. I absolutely love this Sweet Crochet Bunting Pattern! It's so creative and the instructions are very easy to follow. ipvanish 5 year plan I'm excited to get started on my own bunting project.

  2. Use this crochet bunting to give your baby shower a wonderfully lovely appearance. The Sophie Bunting Pattern combines wool and Accounting And Bookkeeping Services cotton yarns in the pattern to make a cute gift for a new baby that is suited for babies who appreciate natural fibers.