Sunday 21 October 2012

"An elephant never forgets" card tutorial

You probably know by now - particularly if you follow M&P on twitter - that I am owl addicted. My granny loved owls and I guess since she passed, I sort of inherited the liking for these feathery animals. If you're asking yourself "why is she talking about owls if the title says elephant?", well, today I had planned a tutorial on how to make cute little fluffy owls out of baby socks, like these ones here, but when I came across this little guy below I couldn't help it...

An elephant never forgets card tutorial
Photo Credit: Rook No. 17

This lovely card is simple to make if you download the template, available at Rook No. 17. The tutorial is straight forward and what I like most about it is that it uses only materials we tend to have lying around at home. It's also another idea for those old yellowy books we used in previous posts (check the category Old Books or have a look at the new section, Smoothie, for a series of posts featuring "good old books").

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