Wednesday 24 October 2012

Wall art with pinecones

This post is a sort of "mix and match" one. If you read Snow globes with a twist, you might remember that I spent the last few days of summer collecting pinecones in Wimbledon Common. And early in September I wrote a post about how to make wall Art with buttons. If you merge these two ideas, this is what you'll get.

Wall art with pinecones tutorial
Photo Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

As you can see from the picture above, the premise is simple, but if you feel the need to follow a tutorial, Craftaholics Anonymous is there to help you! They will guide you through how to glue the ribbons to the pinecones and how to stick them to the back of the frame. 

Adding my two cents: I would try to, rather than folding the ribbons over the top border, to have them going under it, but still hiding the tips on the back of the frame. It might not look as original, but I'd like to see the effect. Also, I love this particular tone of green, but I can't help but associate pinecones to the holidays, so if you want a more Christmassy effect, you might try a dark red instead.  


  1. Interessante!! Diferente!!

    1. Eu tenho uma sacola cheia de pinhas que nem essas. Enchi a cesta da bicicleta! Eram tantas espalhadas pelo parque!