Thursday 25 October 2012

The return of Sharpie!

I wasn't sure what would be the best title for this post, if the one you can see above or Sharpie 2.0. Jokes aside, I've been really busy today updating my Etsy shop, so I haven't had the time to write a tutorial. However, I thought of featuring a reminder of one of the techniques I learnt this year which changed my life!!! It really did...

Remember the original post  Sharpie + Porcelain + Oven = personalised items ? Below is my latest attempt at playing with it and with the settings of my camera. I am debating with myself if I should keep it or put it up for sale on Etsy...

The return of Sharpie!
Photo by Zaira Brilhante, with Pentax K-x

By the way, I am running an #AUTUMNSALE on M&P @ETSY. All items in the sale section have a 25% automatic discount. No need for coupons of anything else. I'll soon add a couple more things to it too... You can have a glimpse below.

This lovely pair will make Christmas OWLsome!!!
This lovely pair will make Christmas OWLsome!!! Only £7.50 on ETSY

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