Friday 19 October 2012

Wedding menu - printing on fabric

When Mr. Hunter and I were engaged and planning our big day, we decided that:

- First, we wanted it to be a very small, intimate ceremony;
- Second, the venue should have a lot of character but also be really simple, a blank canvas for us to add little details and make it as cozy and homy as we could; And...
- Third, every single detail would be handmade - and, because we were on a tight budget, this meant pretty much "handmade by us".

That's when it all started... A wedding is such an amazing opportunity to put into practice all the amazing projects we come across online. If only I knew then as many amazing blogs as I know today... But then it would have taken me twice as much time...Well, this all was to introduce the next tutorial, written by Mika78, a guest blogger on 100 Layer Cake.

Make your wedding menu printing it onto a beautiful fabric!
Photo Credit: 100 Layer Cake

The tutorial for this fabric menus is so detailed that, despite requiring quite a bit of time an attention, after a couple of tries you will find it really easy and should be able to keep doing it with your eyes closed (well, not literally, but you know what I mean).

The only specific materials you will need are: your chosen pattern fabric, some simple cotton canvas fabric, the iron-on transfer sheets and fabric spray glue. 100 Layer Cake also offers this menu template for you to download as a free printable! I just find the whole idea wonderful... What about you?

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