Tuesday 30 October 2012

Simple and pretty idea for trick or treats!

Tomorrow is the 31st of October... Halloween! I came across so many fun ideas this month on Pinterest, however, I was so resentful that I was going to be out working all day and night this Wednesday, that I chose not to save them or to think of halloween... At least until today.

I couldn't help it when I saw this picture... It's such a simple and pretty idea for trick or treats! I am definitely making it for next year, but if you're still looking for inspiration, here it goes.

It's time for trick or treats!
Photo Credit: PineFeather

The secret of this tutorial is to use file folders to make these "wallets" (like these by Ryman's or these by Amazon). The original, unfortunately, has a few issues. Some of the links to the materials are not working - although I managed to find the resources for 2 of them, as you'll see below - and I find that Heather, from PineFeather, spent maybe too long explaining how to cut the folder, in detriment of not showing us how to stitch the sides, or to stick the ribbon, etc...

I know for some people that might seem pretty straight forward, but I think that the beauty of tutorials is not to assume everyone knows what to do just by looking at a picture. Over a year ago, when I started browsing the web for crafty projects, I was so clueless and it was thanks to amazing tutorials that I learnt so much in such a little time.   

The broken links on the original tutorial:
- Boo to you stamps set by PapertreyInk
- Halloween tags by PapertreyInk

>> My 2 cents:

I am not used to work with stamps, so I'd probably try to achieve the same result with Photoshop and an inkjet printer. But be careful: if you choose to create a template and print it directly to a folder similar to the one used in the tutorial, make sure you choose one that is 90 to 270 g/m2 thick, as this is the range that most home inkjet printers can handle. If you're not sure, check the manual of your printer before taking any risks.

To achieve the rounded effect on the top corners, use a corner cutter. In this tutorial, Heather used a sewing machine, but I wouldn't be putt off by not having one. I would use a tapestry needle and a thicker threat or twine and hand stitch the sides, like I did on the Little notepads out of cereal boxes! post.

For the details, like the pumpkin and trick or treat tags, you can print them on different colour scrap paper and use a rounded cuter. It's not that you cannot do it with scissors, but it will take you so much time and in the end you won't achieve the same neat finish. I've learnt that different shaped paper cutters are a must have in every crafter's tool box!

I would use double sided tape to stick the tags in case I printed them in normal paper, as glue and/or mod podge might make it too wet. If you print it into card stock, then I think you're safe to use them. For the ribbon, I'd stitch them, to be on the safe side. VoilĂ , just place your candy sticks in the pocket and you're ready for when the kids knock at your door!