Saturday 6 October 2012

Snow globes with a twist

As promised, another post building up for Christmas (by the way, my favourite holiday since I was a kid). This one is by the lovely Heather, from (click here for her tutorial). These snow globes are great and you can easily make them with the kids for absolutely nothing. It just needs a bit of a twist...

DIY snow globes
Photo Credit:

I decided to adapt the original tutorial and made my own re-using an empty sauce jar, covering the lid with some brown scrap paper, gluing a pinecone I collected from Wimbledon Common not long ago (I actually have a bag full of them, I just couldn't help when I saw that many lying around) and using rock salt as "snow". The ribbon was just to add a final touch to it.

Snow globes with a twist
Photo Credit: Zaira with Pentax K-x

I'd love to see more versions of it, if you come up with any please share it with me =)

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