Sunday 28 October 2012

Beautiful wedding jewellery

I am sorry for another "journal" kind of post, but I am sure although this is not a tutorial, it's something you will find as sweet and loveable as the cutest post on this blog!

Today I met a great crafty team, thanks to another #giveaway! The lovely people from Crafty Folk on Etsy@craftyfolkEtsy were promoting a draw, sponsored by the Etsy shop Polly-A Jewellery, which was offering one of its beautiful bracelets as a prize. Would you believe if I said that I actually won it?!?

It took me a few minutes to take it in once they told me via twitter. After spending the whole weekend working long hours in front of my computer looking at tons of different spreadsheets and trying to make sense out of complexes schedules (you can imagine, it was as fun as it sounds...), it seriously made my day!!!

{{ Look what a wonderful prize is on its way to my home sweet home! }}

Beautiful Etsy wedding jewellery
Pearl bracelet with silver heart charm - ideal wedding jewellery or bridesmaid gift. By Polly-A 

If you're as in love with it as I am, you might find that U$20 is so worth to pay for this bracelet and there are 6 more available on Etsy. I just wanted to say as well that I had a look at the other items at Polly-A and there are soooooo many wonderful things. I've added at least 3 of them to my wish-list! You should totally check it out!

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