Saturday 13 October 2012

Shine a light on me...

This is that time of the year when the light starts to fade, the sun sets earlier than you would like it to and we tend to keep the windows closed for most of the day to keep the heat in. I don't know about you, but I love to light candles. I know they don't replace the warmth or the brightness of sunshine, but they have their charm... Of course, we can always add a little bit more to it.

Below is a selection of my favourite DIY candle light make overs I found online. I hope you like it!

A selection of my favourite candle DIY projects.
A selection of my favourite candle DIY projects. See list below for pictures credits.

1. Place candles in nice vases surrounded by a selection of different nuts. They make a great holiday theme centre piece. Photo by

2. If you love the smell of coffee beans as much as I do, this idea is marvellous! Tea lights in a bowl filled with coffee beans are a charm for every table and give the best aroma you can ask for. Photo by Leschosesdemarie (or, at least, this is where I found it).

3. This might be a bit over the top for your house if you live in a modest size place like me... However, if you're planning a garden party or even as a wedding decoration idea (rice means happiness, doesn't it?), why not to fill extra large jars with white rice grains and this big thick candles? I believe sand would look great as well! Photo by

4. Number four is a classic, but still one of my favourites. Just the other day I was collecting twigs at Wimbledon Common to make it. Long tall glasses or vases filled up with water, twigs and floating candles. Beautiful effect. Did you know if you take the metallic wrapping off a regular tea light they float? I tried it just the other day. As the wax melts, it spreads a bit and might stick to the side of your vase, but apart from that, it worked fine. Photo by The Family Ceo.

5. Another version using coffee beans, just to show that no matter if in a glass or in a bowl, with small or big candles, you still won't find a nicer aroma to fill your room in a cold day... Photo by TheBridesCafe.

6. If you'd rather use a large shallow bowl, why not add flower petals and aromatic oils to different shades of floating candles? Floating Candles Designs has not only this but a bunch of other ideas of decoration using, of course, floating candles. It also teaches you how to make them too!

7. Last but not least, another autumn inspired idea. With mod podge, stick dry pressed leaves around a clear jar, coat it again with another layer of mod podge and place a small candle inside. The colours will be lovely... Tutorial and picture by Ginger Bread Snow Flakes.

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