Friday 26 October 2012

Nothing better to chill out than a hot bath!

When I first moved to the UK I was impressed and surprised to find that pretty much every house, flat, and even studios had a bath! Coming from a tropical country as Brazil, the concept of a hot bath was a mystery to me. Today, however, I can't think of a home without a bath!

The temperature this week dropped considerably and I was glad to find this tip on Everything Etsy that works not only as a cute gift, but also as a DIY must for the cold months. There is nothing better to relax the old bones and muscles tensed up by the weather than a sea salt bath.

Homemade bath salt
Photo Credit: Everything Etsy

You will need: Epsom salt, sea salt, your favourite essential oils and food colouring! Oh, and I forgot to mention, you can repurpose glass jars and decorate them with all sorts of ribbons, string, twine, tags, scrap paper... Just let your imagination play its part.

The idea is simple. Get 1 cup of each salt, 3 drops of food colouring and 5 to 10 drops of oil. Mix it all in a large bowl. For more pictures and a step-by-step visual tutorial, check Kim's post here

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