Monday 8 October 2012

Re-inventing an idea: buntings and bookmarks

I was reading an article in the October issue of Red magazine about re-inventing yourself when I came up with the idea for this post. A while ago I had saved two pictures I came across on Google images when searching for inspiration, but I haven't had an opportunity to post them here before. Now, however...

The 2 most read posts on M&P until now are about bookmarks: Buttons + Paperclips = Bookmarks! and Cute monster bookmark. Well, here is another way of re-inventing bookmarks.

Another way of re-inventing bookmarks
If you know the link to credit this photo, please let me know

I can't think of anything easier to make. Just cut two heart shaped pieces of felt and stitch them together. So easy and quick to do, you can make loads and give them away as little gifts to colleagues and classmates. If you want to play around with it, why not add two medium size buttons and a small one making eyes and nose? Although this might sound like a bit too much, you'll only know if you try...

I wouldn't say the second idea is easier, but it is as simple as this one. Remember the Heart shaped confetti post? If you got a heart shaped hole punch like the two I suggested then, this next idea will be easy peasy.

Lovely vintage looking bunting made out of old books with a heart shaped hole punch
I found this on Google images whilst looking for Photoshop bunting brushes 

If you hit the charity shop and got some old looking books for the Heart shaped confetti or the Printing on old books posts, I am sure you might still have a few pages to spare making this mini bunting. 

Just cut small rectangles, fold them, make the heart shapes with your hole punch then use some threat, yarn or twine and fold your bunting through it, remembering to stick the bottom with mod podge or craft PVA glue. If you rather have a colourful finish, not a vintage one, use any piece of scrap-paper you have lying around.

I hope you liked this post. I love when I can think or come across a new use for materials or tools I acquired for a different project. I guess it's all about re-inventing, isn't it?
If you know a creative way to use old books or different shaped hole punches let me know @craftyblog.

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